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A holiday related rant

What part of "We're giving more money to charity this year because there are a lot of people in need, and so we're hand-making most everyone's holiday gifts" don't they understand?? K spoke with her family today, and they're all so fucking self-absorbed, except for one of her brothers and his wife. Her sister, even after receiving our information that we were looking to give AND receive home-made gifts, asked us not for things for her baby, for help with the house that they can't afford, for hand-made things like we'd asked... no, she tells us she wants Blu-Rays and Ann Taylor Loft gift cards! Ok, WE don't even have a Blu-Ray player, because we're being smart with our money. Sure, we splurge. But that's because our income vastly outweighs our monthly bills. And we know how fortunate we are, which is, again, why we're giving more money to the local food bank this year and working our butts off to make things that people will love. But all her sister wants is fashion and gadgets. Again, we don't even shop at Ann Taylor Loft, because it's freaking expensive! We shop at Target, and Lane Bryant and occasionally Dillards or Macy's if we need something specific. If she can't afford to buy them herself, why on Earth would she ask others to buy them for her? Because we make more money than some? Yeah, well, we freaking well worked for it, and we get to spend it as WE choose... and we choose to help people who're far less fortunate than many, and especially because the number is growing daily. We don't choose to spend it on spoiled, entitled brats who want to live beyond their means and expect other people to pick up the slack. We live well within our means, limit the number of gadgets we allow ourselves to those we really want AND truly use a lot, and we shop sensibly. I just don't see why someone else's lack of self-restraint equates to being our problem. I see someone's lack of food on the table, clothing for their children and a roof over their heads as being our problem, and one I'm more than happy to help with. Lack of fancy clothes does NOT equal poverty. Perhaps only poverty of human kindness and spirit.

Edit: We got her formal Holiday list in email... it includes TV seasons on DVD, clothing from Gap, Victoria's Secret, Dillards and Chicago Bear's exclusive merchandise. This after telling us that they've aloted $15 per person... which I don't mind... I kind of like it that they're keeping it that low. But there's not a thing on her list that's less than $25!!! HOW is this giving us ideas for homemade stuff? Fuck it, she's getting a handmade necklace and some candy. >.> UnBELIEVABLE.


Nov. 22nd, 2008

Ok, I'm not sure how many of you have seen this... the lovely nlduffy sent it to me tonight, and I just have to pass it on:


This is a video of Keith Olberman, one of the anchors for MSNBC making an utterly amazing speech about Prop 8, which took the right to marry away from California gay and lesbian couples. It is such a beautiful speech that I thought everyone needs to see it, whether you know someone who's gay or not, whether you are for or against gay marriage... it doesn't matter, this is the most passionate plea I've ever heard. Please, take the time to watch it, and if you don't or can't, at least read the text of the speech, which I've posted below the cut. Pass it on, because I feel if people watch this, then maybe it'll change some minds. At least, I hope so. After 9 years (and counting) of happily being with the love of my life, I would like to legally be her wife. With President Obama soon to take the helm, perhaps there's hope that not another year will pass without those rights.

The text of the speechCollapse )


New Community!

Hello!! Hope no one minds me plugging a new community. This is a community for finding and embracing your Scottish roots through your clan societies all over the world. It's a place to embrace your heritage, and to find your family roots and join up with others with whom you may share a common clan! Please come and join! I'm hoping to have a different "theme" each month, and hopefully lots of good posts, feedback and information.

Cheers! Come join!




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